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About Jon Whitehead & Metricks

Head analytics whisperer at Metricks is Jon Whitehead.

Jon’s the real deal.

He has a knack of turning spreadsheets of numbers and graphs into tangible actions that are easy to implement. It doesn’t matter if you use a paid service like Webtrends or Omniture, or prefer the free ones like Google Analytics, Piwik or Woopra—Jon has experience with the lot.

And don’t think that you have to be a massive organisation with big marketing budgets to benefit from solid advice relating to your metrics. Because you don’t have to be. In fact, some of Jon’s best clients have been Queensland government departments with very limited resources, and very big expectations.

So give us a call if you are:

  • The local pizza place who wants to know if anyone is actually reading the monthly email newsletter you send out.
  • An online retailer who can’t figure out why people are searching for products, finding products, but not buying products.
  • A car dealership who wants to track a PPC campaign to see which keywords are converting.
  • Or, anyone else who just wants a better way to measure online success.

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