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Adwords Analytics integration

by Jon

Google have announced integration between any adwords account with Google Analytics. This is excellent news if you manage several accounts in both adwords and analytics. 

Up to now only one adwords account could link to an analytics account. Fine if you have a small site, but there are many instances where a large site has many adwords accounts for different sections for example a global site with country subdomains or a Google Analytics account has many profiles for many sites, where each site also has their own adwords account.

It is now straightforward to link an adwords account to an individual profile. The Google Analytics blog describes how to do this, but you need to be admin of both adwords and analytics accounts. 

The really interesting part is the new data sources tab. Currently it is for adwords and adsense only, but I am hoping that Google finally allows integration with 3rd party data sources, and inputting campaign cost data which would improve goal reporting immeasurably.

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