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Google Analytics social analytics reports announced
This week Google announced Google Analytics social analytics reports. This collection of reports show which social sites are bringing traffic to your sites and converting, which pages are shared and another excellent flow diagram. Dave Chaffey at Smart Insights had beta access to these reports and has a great review on what social analytics mean Now these […] Read more – ‘Google Analytics social analytics reports announced’.
Keywords report in the new Google Analytics
Where to find the Keywords report in the new Google Analytics interface Traffic Sources In the menu, click Traffic Sources > Sources > Search Search overview click the overview under search, then keyword as the primary dimension under the graph Keyword report Clicking Keyword brings up the keyword report. if you see (not provided), that […] Read more – ‘Keywords report in the new Google Analytics’.
Creating a new account in Google Analytics v5
A client recently asked how to create a new account in Google Analytics v5. It is not immediately obvious from the initial account list on the home page when you have signed in, but from March 1st 2012 the admin button like all the new Google interfaces the cog over on the right hand side represents […] Read more – ‘Creating a new account in Google Analytics v5’.
3 things I’ll miss in Google Analytics
January 2012 is when the new Google Analytics interface becomes the default, and we can say goodbye to the interface people have been accustomed to for years. There are some extremely useful features in the new version and I’ve got quite used to Google testing the new layout this year, but there are 3 things […] Read more – ‘3 things I’ll miss in Google Analytics’.
changing URLs in Google Analytics
John Henson from Lunametrics demonstrated an excellent method for adding page titles as a second dimension in the content report of Google Analytics. However, this doesn’t work in the new version of Google Analytics as the form of the URL has changed substantially, so I experimented with the new format of url and the video […] Read more – ‘changing URLs in Google Analytics’.
Introducing Google Analytics visitor and goal flow visualization
Yet another feature released today for Google Analytics v5, Visualization Flow is something that’s been asked for for years – how to visualise visitors through the site from traffic sources or other dimensions. Google is releasing several visualization tools for Analytics, first off the rank are visitor and goal flow. Each report contains nodes (some […] Read more – ‘Introducing Google Analytics visitor and goal flow visualization’.
Adwords Analytics integration
Google have announced integration between any adwords account with Google Analytics. This is excellent news if you manage several accounts in both adwords and analytics.  Up to now only one adwords account could link to an analytics account. Fine if you have a small site, but there are many instances where a large site has […] Read more – ‘Adwords Analytics integration’.
New Google Analytics menu visual guide
This is a visual guide to where all Google Analytics menu items have moved to compared to the current version. Read more – ‘New Google Analytics menu visual guide’.
Take the 5th Annual Web Analytics survey
Bienalto consulting are running the 5th annual Australian Web Analytics survey. I can’t quite believe its the 5th one! Also featured are the results from previous surveys. Very interesting to see how Web Analytics has developed and is maturing in Australia. Read more – ‘Take the 5th Annual Web Analytics survey’.
Guide to Online Marketing
Oli Gardner from Unbounce has created a glorious infographic guide to starting online marketing from scratch. An accompanying blog post on SEOmoz explains each stage and how to implement over 6 months. This is a great guide for both newbies to get going and for experienced marketers to check off you have completed. Read more – ‘Guide to Online Marketing’.
Web Analytics: How to focus
Often businesses have not had the resources to develop a measurement framework. When presented with 80 or more reports, many graphs and lots of customisation possibilities, you can be overwhelmed by web analytics tools very quickly. To avoid this, ask business questions. What have you done today that needs some data from your website? Are […] Read more – ‘Web Analytics: How to focus’.
Internal Traffic – hacks to segment it out
Users of your sites who are internal to the organisation show markedly different behaviours than your “average” user. The organisation may have the home page set as default on internal browsers skewing page views, visits and bounce rate developers spending time debugging applications giving long on page and site times, Call centre staff use FAQ […] Read more – ‘Internal Traffic – hacks to segment it out’.
Australian political parties negative use of Google Adwords
Australian Election 2010 – all the main parties use Google Adwords extensively for promoting their spending programs and initiatives, but during the current election different tactics are being used. There were several reports over the weekend of candidates complaining as ads for other parties were showing up around their results. For example Sally-Anne Brown, an […] Read more – ‘Australian political parties negative use of Google Adwords’.
Use your call centre
Having conversations online, by text or (shock, horror) in person can give great insight into issues with your online presence, or hints at what could be improved for your business as a whole. Talk to your call centre – they are an incredible source of information:- qualitative data such as users requests and complaints that […] Read more – ‘Use your call centre’.
Don’t install Google Analytics yet – read this first!
This isn’t a plug for a rival web analytics tool, more a recognition that whilst it is tempting to install a popular web measurement tool and be blown away by big numbers, fascinated by bizarre keywords and mesmerised by pretty graphs it is more important to first develop a measurement strategy. Recognise this scenario? Person […] Read more – ‘Don’t install Google Analytics yet – read this first!’.