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Google Analytics Training

Metricks provides hands-on Google Analytics training in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
The Google Analytics course explains and demonstrates the core features of Google Analytics, highlights the awesome range of information available about your website visitors, and how you can analyse and interpret it to improve the effectiveness of your website.
Training benefits include:

  • Understanding how Web Analytics adds value to your business
  • Learn how to setup Google Analytics
  • Gain familiarisation with Analytics terms
  • Learn how to make the most out of Google Analytics
  • Understand what each of the Google Analytics Reports mean – and how to use then effectively
  • Understand how to interpret them and relate them to measurable website goals
  • How to upgrade to Universal Analytics
  • Overview of Google Tag manager

The courses take place at your own premises and you receive a personalised workbook using your own data. The workbook covers all aspects of Google Analytics, delivered over two 3 hour sessions. The reason for this is so we can setup features in Google Analytics that are specific to your needs then review them in the second session (usually 2 or 3 weeks later) when data has gathered. Also 6 hours straight of Google Analytics training tends to fry people’s brains!

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