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Google Analytics social analytics reports announced

by Jon

This week Google announced Google Analytics social analytics reports. This collection of reports show which social sites are bringing traffic to your sites and converting, which pages are shared and another excellent flow diagram.

Dave Chaffey at Smart Insights had beta access to these reports and has a great review on what social analytics mean

Google Analytics Social reports

Now these are live they are under traffic sources rather then having their own menu item as in the beta version.

Whilst most of the features require no further work for you, you will need to code social sharing buttons or use sharing plugins such as addthis or sharethis. Add this requires you to add one piece of code, whereas sharethis will work out of the box. It’s being used on this site – however be aware the Google+ button has issues sometimes. Once your share buttons are coded, the Social Plugins report is populated.


Social source and action report Google Analytics

The social source and action report shows which button was used in what way – share, like etc. This allows you to see which is the most shared content on your site and how it is shared – your audience are telling you what they like, so do more of this. The conversions report will then tell you which social channels are converting, and whether this is early in the funnel or the last touch point to your site.

These reports will be available in the coming weeks.



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