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More customers, more conversions, and more cash

by Jon

Metricks: Turning the science of web analytics into customers, conversions, and cash for your business.

How do you measure your online success? Do you know how many potential sales you are losing because of a poorly optimised site? Can you track where your leads are coming from?

When your website first went live, you probably watched your traffic closely.

Some days the numbers went up, some days they went down… and eventually you lost interest because what did all this data really mean? You tried running some of the other reports that were available but weren’t sure what to do with the results.

Sound familiar?

The good news is that with some help from someone who can decipher the numbers (that’s us!) you can really make a positive difference to your business.

You can target new customers, you can optimise your site, and most importantly you can increase your sales.

And it’s cost effective too. In fact, we saved a client $40,000 on banner ads by implementing a $300 analytics-driven AdWords campaign.

Find out which analytics package is best for you…

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